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  1. هنا 200 شريط للشيخ خالد الراشد لنصرة الشيخ الأسيف
  2. karwan-9-ghazyan
  3. Ozooo
  4. Anwar Al-Awlaki Lectures//The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Makkan Period)
  5. The Lives of the Prophets - May Allah be pleased with them all.
  6. محاضرات الشيخ خالد الراشد mp3 .. مدونة الشيخ خالد الراشد www.khaled-alrashed.blogspot.com
  7. Anwar Al-Awlaki Lectures//The Life of the Prophet Muhammad (Medina Period~Volume 1)\\Introduction & Hijarah
  8. Umar Ibn Al-Khattab: His Life and Times
  9. المصحف الكامل للشيخ أبي عبد الله منير المظفر التونسي بجودة عالية
  10. مؤسسة السحاب للإنتاج الإعلامي//قصة غزوة منهاتن - الــعــلــم للـعــمـل: الجزء الثاني

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  1. Fred and the Voice of Food Safety: How to Avoid Food-Borne Illness
  2. FDA Approved - The Slide Show
  3. 01-The-Lives-of-the-Prophets
  4. *** OZOOO * BENT JEHAAD ***
  5. Ozooo
  6. هنا 200 شريط للشيخ خالد الراشد لنصرة الشيخ الأسيف
  7. Eid Sermon by Sheikh Abu Yahya al Libbi
  8. من غزة العز/// بشرى ونصرة (3) صور توزيع [ 10 آلاف ] اسطوانة للإصدار المرئي [ قطوف الشريعة ] الكتائب
  9. ABC Sept. 11, 2001 8:31 am - 9:12 am
  10. True Glory

Staff Picks

  1. We Interrupt This Empire
  2. David Ray Griffin: THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT
  3. 911 Conspiracy Rebuttal
  4. Martial Law 9/11: Rise Of The Police State
  5. Buckley on Buckley
  6. Bush Twins Ad - Vote for our dad
  7. Faith in Exile: The Lesson of Tibet
  8. U-2 At U.N. Reds Now Charge U.S. Menaces Peace, 1960/05/23
  9. Florida, 1960/05/23
  10. Ana Nogueira reporting from Lebanon for Democracy Now!

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Faith in Exile: The Lesson of Tibet
For the last half-century, the Tibetan people have endured the brunt of some of the Chinese governments most brutal policies. In the 1990's, an international activist movement, which attracted a small army of A-list celebrities, brought the Tibetan struggle to the mainstream. But since 9/11, Tibet...

67,602 itemsWelcome to News & Public Affairs

An analysis of news and public affairs independent from traditional corporate media is available from this diverse video library. From Democracy Now's daily news program, to three days of TV news coverage following the 911 attacks, to Mosaic’s timely clips of Middle East newscasts, to UCSF's Tobacco Industry Videos: These collections offer an alternative way to view and interpret current news and public affairs.

Many of these videos are available for free download.

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September 11 Television Archive
You can find a more complete version of this collection (3000 hours of television from 20 channels over 7 days) at Understanding 9/11: A Television News Archive. This collection contains television...
424 items
Democracy Now!
A national, daily, independent, award-winning news program, Democracy Now! airs on over 375 stations in North America. Pioneering the largest public media collaboration in the U.S., Democracy Now! is...
3,377 items
Alternative Views
Alternative Views is a public affairs program that produced 563 one-hour TV shows between September, 1978, and April, 1998. It's goal was to provide information and perspectives that either were not...
172 items
Election 2008 Political Speech
Political Speech videos concerning the 2008 elections in the United States, from local elections all the way to President. Videos of debates, campaign commercials, and speeches will all be included....
192 items
Mosaic Middle East News
Selections from daily TV news programs produced by national broadcasters throughout the Middle East are featured here. Mosaic's news reports are presented unedited, but translated (when necessary),...
2,057 items
UCSF Tobacco Industry Videos
The University of California, San Francisco Tobacco Control Archives Multimedia Collection contains audiotapes and videotapes related to the advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and...
4,503 items
The Open Mind
First Broadcast in May, 1956, The Open Mind is still produced weekly by Richard D. Heffner, host, historian, and University Professor of Communications and Public Policy at Rutgers University. These...
1,286 items
Alternate Focus
For an alternative view of Middle East issues: Alternate Focus is an non-profit educational media group which uses the Web, video, and satellite television to promote an alternative view of the...
37 items
Centro de Documentación Ciudadana
ES: Esta es una colección para lo materiales relacionados con el #15m, proporcionados directamente por sus autores bajo licencias libres. // EN: This is a collection for the materials related to...
13 items
Deep Dish TV
Deep Dish TV is the first national satellite network linking local access producers and programmers, independent video makers, activists, and other individuals who support the idea and reality of a...
220 items
Election 2004
Archive users contributed to this non-partisan collection of 2004 presidential election videos by uploading videos to the Archive. The collection contains many campaign commercials including the...
684 items
Free Speech TV
Get out and get active, this is participatory media! Free Speech TV broadcasts independently-produced documentaries dealing with social, political, cultural, and environmental issues; commissions and...
45 items
George W. Bush Presidential Speech Archive
500 hours of speeches made by President George W. Bush from 2000-2006 are available here. These speeches were collected and uploaded to the Archive by the folks at Politcalvideo.org to allow for the...
2,201 items
NIST Review
Documents relating to 9/11. www.nistreview.org
546 items
Occupy Wall Street
A collection of media about Occupy Wall Street and related Occupy movements. To include your content: 1. Create an archive.org account here (if you do not have one) 2. Log in and upload files(s)...
18,669 items
September 11
This collection contains videos from Internet Archive users about the events of September 11, 2001 and the issues surrounding them.
78 items
Spanish Revolution
Introducción - Archivo multimedia - Archivo web - Colabora - Foro (Twitter) en: This is an archive of texts, images, audio and video from the 15M in Spain. Furthermore, we have compiled and...
1,940 items
the Community Media Archive
The Community Media Archive gathers the diverse local programs created through community access - including hundreds of television channels on cable television systems serving a wide range of Public,...
29,127 items
The Iraq War Collection
A compilation of videos from Internet Archive users about the Iraq War and the issues and events surrounding it are collected here. See a Tag Cloud for the Iraq War collection.
11,272 items
21 items
The Tea Party Movement
A collection of video, audio, texts and images related to The Tea Party Movement (TPM). To include your content: 1. Create an archive.org account here (if you do not have one) 2. Log in and upload...
86 items
United States Government Films
United States government films, including footage of Congressional proceedings, training films, etc. Includes collections: Fedflix, Metavid, and Report to the Congress: Congressional Hearings Online.
10,732 items
Universal Newsreels
In the pre-TV era, people saw the news every week in their neighborhood movie theaters. Newsreels were shown before every feature film and in dedicated newsreel theaters located in large cities....
610 items
University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library Special Collections
The University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library Special Collections Department collects, preserves, and provides access to archival, printed, and digital resources that support the research and...
43 items

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Reel 726
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فيلم و افلام نار و موت و ندم و وفاة و احتضار و غرغرة ل زانية
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Reel 1696
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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Part 2)
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أسطوانة الشيخ الأسير خالد الراشد فك الله أسره # : برابط واحد فقط : #روابط أرشيف مباشرة
Average rating:3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars3.00 out of 5 stars

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